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We understand how challenging it can be to manage your finances. Allow us to handle your company’s financial needs with a focus on financial wellness. We are confident in our ability to assist you and will gladly provide you with the services you require.

Affordable and Accurate

We provide individual and small business financial management services accurately and professionally at significantly lower rates than most financial consulting firms.

Our 22 Year Promise

Our 22 Year Promise. We couldn’t exist without you, and we couldn’t have helped hundreds more without your trust. Financial issues can arise for anyone, and they’re often not the individual’s fault. That’s why we’ve made and will keep our solemn promise to treat every client with dignity, respect, and empathy. HM Financial Solutions keeps its promises to clients and works hard to maintain a good reputation.

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is credit."
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We are fully equipped with the ability, expertise, and knowledge to assist you.

Notary Public

Authorized by the state government as an official witness​


Electronic filing for faster refund

Credit Repair

A wide range of solutions to help build and repair your credit score.

General Help

Ask questions about your business, or anything related, we may be able to help!

What we can dispute:

Any items that report inaccurately, are unverifiable, or outdated.



Charge Offs

Late Payments

Student Loans

And much more!

What effects your credit:

Payment History
Amounts Owed
Length of Credit History
New Credit
Types of Credit Used