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We know how overwhelming it can be to run a business. Let us handle the financial, accounting and tax reporting area of your business. We are confident we can assist you and happily provide you the services you need.

Affordable and Accurate

We accurately and professionally prepare individual and small business tax returns at significantly lower prices than most CPA firms.

Our 19 Year Promise

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.:

Without you, we could not exist to support hundreds more taxpayers with their tax issues. Tax issues can happen to anyone, and most often at no intentional fault of the taxpayer. That’s why we have made and stand by our solemn promise that we will treat every client and every individual that we interact within the highest regard, giving them the dignity, respect, and empathy that they deserve. HM Financial Solution stands by the promise we make to each individual and continue to strive for an excellent reputation.

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax."

Hector Morales

Founder & Senior CPA

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Our licensed tax professionals are fully equipped with the ability, expertise, and knowledge to assist you.

Notary Public

Authorized by the state government as an official witness​


Electronic filing for faster refund

W2/1099 Filing

Fast and observant filing of your W2/1099!

Income Tax Return

Filing for your income tax return.

Credit Repair

A wide range of solutions to help build and repair your credit score.

General Help

Ask questions about your taxes, business, or anything related, we may be able to help!

What effects your credit:

What You Need To Know
Payment History
Amounts Owed
Length of Credit History
New Credit
Types of Credit Used

What I can dispute:

Any items that report inaccurately, are unverifiable, or outdated.
+ Collections
+ Late Payments
+ Tax Liens
+ Debt Collector Calls
+ Charge Offs
+ Medical Collections
+ Student Loans
+ Bankruptcies & much more!
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